bucket list



  1. go diving in Thailand
  2. live abroad for few months
  3. suprise friends with small gifts now and then
  4. vote in every election possible
  5. eat shrimps at the ocean shore
  6. try at least 50 sex positions
  7. play the game while visiting Carcassonne in France
  8. wax the leather shoes
  9. meditate for 5 minutes a day
  10. visit a museum or a gallery once a month
  11. have contact with my nieces and cousins
  12. hike in Patagonia
  13. rent a flat in the city center
  14. find a wine I like
  15. be part of a bookclub
  16. ride a motorbike
  17. go kayaking in the moonlight
  18. sleep in a forest
  19. learn caligraphy
  20. try every month new cuisine
  21. eat weekend brunch in nice bars
  22. be a Deserved Honourable Blood Donor
  23. renovate a palace or a village in Dolny Śląsk
  24. be a part of something bigger
  25. have letter correspondence over the years
  26. prepare to reach M. dream of Ukraine trip
  27. write a novel
  28. have a tiny tattoo
  29. grab a jachtstop
  30. visit:
    St. Petersburg
    castles at Loara
    Faroe Islands
    Viet Nam
    Machu Pichu in Peru
    Dead City in Turkish part of Cyprus
  31. learn fluently:
  32. paint a watercolor portrait
  33. meet with friends at least once a month
  34. play an ukulele
  35. shoot from a bow
  36. read 10.000 books
  37. make a soap
  38. pet a seal
  39. go to the opera with dad
  40. learn to code (html5)
  41. do yoga on regular basis
  42. learn how to make a map
  43. do basic repairs to my car
  44. train Mikrus to behave
  45. lose myself in Harry Potter theme park in UK
  46. go skiing at least once a year
  47. fly a paraglide
  48. go on a horseback few days trip
  49. attend RHCP concert
  50. photograph 1 beautiful thing a day